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Online portal and e-shop www.zoefabrics.eu is run by Zoe Fabrics, Ltd., registered in the Slovak Republic under registration n. 45578893.  Our address is: Štefánikova 1522/17, 03101 Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovak Republic as also listed in the Commercial register. Our VAT number is SK2023042945.

Contact details of the company are available on our website www.zoefabrics.eu in the Contact page. Sales on the e-shop are performed according to the Act on Consumer Protection in Doorstep Selling and Distance Selling Act § 12. 102/2014 CFU (slovak legislation)




You can make a purchase online (by visiting the e-shop www.zoefabrics.eu) or by sending an email to zoe@zoefabrics.eu.

All orders are a subject to acceptance and availability of the goods. Items that are currently in your shopping cart are not considered as reserved and may be purchased by another customer.


As soon as we receive your order, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. In rare cases, we might call you to make the confirmation by phone.


An order shall be deemed valid and thus becomes a purchase contract between the seller and the buyer under the following conditions:


- For orders submitted on www.zoefabrics.eu - by completing and submitting the order form and by issuing an upfront payment via bank transfer on behalf of Zoe Fabrics Ltd.

- For orders submitted on www.zoefabrics.eu - by completing and submitting the order form and by issuing a payment via CardPay

- For orders sent via e-mail zoe@zoefabrics.sk - as soon as the order is confirmed by Zoe Fabrics Ltd. and a payment via CardPay or an upfront bank transfer is issued


The buyer is recommend:

- To accept ordered goods

- To make a payment for goods as per agreed price


We reserve the right not to accept your order in following cases:

- Card payment not authorized

- Ordered goods can not be exported to a country that was specified as the shipping address

- Item is no longer on stock

- Item has a defect which is not in accordance with its ordinary use

- Sale conditions (as defined by Terms and Conditions) are not fulfilled




Order cancellation

An order can be cancelled within two hours after submission either via phone (contacts listed in the "Contact" section) or via email zoe@zoefabrics.sk.


In case of cancellation, always specify your name, surname, address, phone number and order details.


In case a payment via CardPay has already been done.a refund will be processed within 14 days in an agreed form - either by a bank transfer to your bank account.


In case an order is made for unavailable goods, the customer will be contacted within 24 hours with the information about the availability of the item or with an alternative proposal.




The e-shop www.zoefabrics.eu accepts the following methods of payment:


Bank transfer to the account of the company Zoe Fabrics Ltd.

- Bank Transfer - an upfront payment on the account in EUR (valid for customers from the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and other EU countries)

- Upfront payment on account in CZK prior to shipment (for customers from the Czech Republic)

- CardPay - a secure payment for goods and services by credit card on the Internet


The final price of the goods is the sum of the sales prices of all goods on the order, shipping and handling including any entitled discounts. Prices are displayed in EUR including 20% VAT and payments are to be made in EUR.


If you are holding a credit/debit card issued in a country whose currency is other than EUR, the final price will be calculated according to the current exchange rate.


Until the payment for your order is received, the goods remain as a property of Zoe Fabrics Ltd.




Delivery of goods

Goods purchased on www.zoefabrics.eu are securely packed to prevent damage during transportation. Each shipment is packed in a new packaging.


In case you receive a shipment with damaged packaging, please take a picture of the damaged area and contact us on our phone number. If the shipment was sent via the Slovenská Pošta, please accept the goods and contact us before opening the box.


The shipment contains a printed invoice or other tax document.


Damaged shipments

If you receive a damaged shipment - torn, unstuck, goods will be missing etc., you should claim the damage at the post office within 24 hours. Responsibility for the damaged item bears the Post as well as potential compensation for damaged goods.



The buyer has the right to return the goods without specifying the reason within 14 days after the delivery date. The goods must be returned back within 14 days to the address specified in the Contact page.


The intention to return the goods purchased on www.zoefabrics.eu needs to be notified to Zoe Fabrics Ltd. eiher via phone or e-mail.


In case you are not satisfied with the goods, you can return it on your own expense as an insured shipment to our address: Zoe Fabrics Ltd., Štefánikova 1522/17, 03101 Liptovsky Mikulas with the original invoice included.


Goods must be unused, undamaged and we recommend you the pakage containing the copy of the original invoice.


Please make sure to follow a 14-day period to return the goods, otherwise we can not accept your request.


A credit note will be issued for the returned goods - the refund will be made via bank transfer to your bank account.




All goods purchased on www.zoefabrics.eu are entiteled to warranty of 24 months.

The warranty starts on the delivery day to the customer.

The buyers has to check the materials prior to their processing, the claim will not be recognized after they have been cut, or after other adjustment.

I recommend that you follow the washing and other instructions that are provided for each product when shipped.


If however, the product will be mechanically damaged by improper use or handling, improper washing or soaking with detergent or fabric softener, the damage will not be considered as a defect of the product that could be claimed.


Note: All fabrics containing silk, fancy products such as feathers / rims, fur / rims, leather and leatherette piping, applications with plastic and wooden components, embroidered and other exposures to water-sensitive components, need to be cleaned chemically. Water washing remains at your own risk. Procedures for hand washing are only a recommendation, it is important to try them and learn them well. In case inappropriate washing or ironing is applied, Zoe Fabrics Ltd is not responsible. No damages caused by washing in water will be taken into consideration.


A slight defect in the fabric is not considered as a complaint, which is replaced by the addition of a 10cm fabric or a reduction of 10cm fabric price.


Complaints are handled:


-  Via phone on the telephone number listed in the Contact page, calls are handled on working days 9:00-18:00


- Via Email by contacting zoe@zoefabrics.sk


- Via post by sending a mail to the address provided in the Contact page


If a claim is pre-accepted via e-mail or phone, the buyer is entitled to send the demaged goods to the address specified in the Contact page.


A proof of purchase (or its copy) and a description of the defect need to be attached to the shipment.


Please do not send the returned goods back to us like payment on delivery pakage, so returned goods will not be accepted and prolong the equipment.


Seller will either repair the product or replace it with a new one or notify the buyer that his complaint was not accepted. Any claim is to be handled within 30 days after its receipt (in case all the above conditions are met).



Personal data and protection of your privacy


To complete a purchase on www.zoefabrics.eu,  you will be asked for couple of basic information needed to process your order, payment and to be able to dispatch the goods.


"The information that you provide to us in the order form will be used exclusively to fulfill the requested service or order and will not be provided to any third party or otherwise commercially exploited."



Your personal data


When you place an order on www.zoefabrics.eu we will be working with some personal information provided by yourself. In accordance with the Slovak law (the Act. 18/2018  of Personal Data Protection), please be ensured that all the information you provide is and will be treated with the utmost safety and security and will never be sold or otherwise provided to any third parties nor entities other than the company Zoe Fabrics Ltd.

Your personal data will not be used for any other marketing activities except those directly related to www.zoefabrics.eu. In case you receive an e-mail from Zoe Fabrics Ltd. as part of our marketing and communication campaigns, you will always have the opt out option to exclude your e-mail address from the distribution list.

1.1The Seller does not provide the personal data of the buyer to a third party, except the selected shipping company that provides the delivery of the goods or services, or to the country authorities in the case of a control, or an intermediary, on the basis of the mutual agreement concluded pursuant to Act no. 18/2018 CFU (slovak legislation)


1.2 The operator is obliged to provide personal data before making it available to unauthorized persons, by adopting appropriate technical and organizational measures. Also, all employees of the operator are required to observe confidentiality in relation to personal data.


1.3 The person concerned has the rights defined in accordance with the provisions of art. § 19 et seq. Of Act no. 18/2018 CFU (slovak legislation) on the protection of personal data, as amended, namely:


• the right to information that is contained in these content and business terms,

• the right to request access to personal data relating to the person concerned - Section 21 of the Act rests on your right to request how and for what purposes your data is processed, addressing this request to a contact email.

• the right to rectify personal data - Section 22 of the Act allows you to correct your personal data if it is outdated,

• the right to delete personal data - Section 23 of the Act shall be used if you do not wish the operator to further process personal data,

• the right to restrict the processing of personal data - Section 24 of the Act shall apply if you believe that personal data has been processed in contravention of the law,

• the right to object to the processing of personal data - Section 27 of the Act,

• the right to portability of personal data,

• the right to sue the supervisory authority in relation to the processed personal data.



1.4 In order to register or to submit an order, following information is mandatory:


- Your name and / or company name


- Address of residence / office and delivery address


- Phone number


- E-mail address


These personal data are kept for 10 years for archiving purposes. As part of the ordering process, personal data are processed for the purposes of invoicing, transport service and book-keeping.


1.5. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer and are also used to measure webpage audience and personalize site views, and with these data we can offer you more quality products. Some cookies are third party datas, like Google and so on.

1.6 You can delete your cookies at any time or you can set them up directly in your browser settings. If you want to refuse to collect cookies, set it up in your internet browser.

1.7 If the buyer has agreed with processing of personal data in our e-shop for e-mail marketing purposes, he has agreed to be send e-mails to his e-mail address.

1.8 Personal data for e-mail marketing purposes the name and surname and e-mail address are provided for a period of five years. These personal data are not provided to third parties. You can ask us to take up your personal data at any time by sending an Appeal to the Processing of Personal Data, which will be immediately deleted. We will no longer use your personal data for your e-mail marketing purposes.

1.9 Zoefabrics.eu is not obtaining any personal data from payments you make as the payment itself is done outside of our website depending on the payment method you choose. As for credit cards payments, zoefabrics.eu never receives any details of your credit card but only receives a confirmation or a rejection of your payment from the bank who handeled the authorization.


Governing Law

All trade and other relations arising from the operation of this site are subject to jurisdiction

laws in the Slovak Republic. In the event of litigation, a corresponding court located in the Slovak Republic is assigned to determinate a solution.

All parts of our t&c are in the accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic.

These business conditions apply to private persons as well as to legal business persons and legal relationships are governed by the private persons by the Civil Code, in the case of legal business persons by the Commercial Code.

Supervisory Authority and Supervision of Eshop Operator Activities is: Inspektorat SOI pre Žilinský kraj, Predmestská 71, P. O. BOX B-89, 011 79 Žilina 1, Odbor výkonu dozoru

 We did our best to make the colors of our products display in the most accurate way and to match the colors of the products. However, since the screen resolution varies on all computers, we can not guarantee that the color that appears on your computer is absolutely identical with the color of the goods. Therefore, please pay attention to the description of the colors that can be found for each product. In case of doubt, please contact us at zoe@zoefabrics.eu to avoid any possible misunderstanding.


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